DKV4-part 22 : Mimpi oh mimpi..

About FazaMeonk

seekor mahasiswa DKV gila yg senang makan kucing.. eh maksud nya seneng ama kucing..
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7 Responses to DKV4-part 22 : Mimpi oh mimpi..

  1. i really like your site, because IT’S REAL IN DKV WORLD hehehehehek.
    i’m already link your site and maybe will share it to all my blogger friend via my blog!
    keep posting faza meonk πŸ˜€

  2. teutons001 says:

    bro, IDWSnya error
    link lo gak bisa gw donlod, sori telat ngasi tau.
    Bisa upload ulang?
    thx b4

  3. zefania diani says:

    kak faza, gue dkv binus angkatan 2010 nih hahahhaa.
    komik lo kocak abis, gue share di blog gue yakk πŸ˜€
    bole kan? hehe.

  4. dil says:

    mangstab gan, berasa pengalaman sendiri dah! hehe. eike pajang linknya di blog neh.

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